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        Zinc Borate
          3.5 Water Zinc Borate
          Anhydrous Zinc Borate
        Indirect method Zinc Oxide
          99.7% Zinc Oxide
          99.9% Zinc Oxide
        Zinc Sulfate
          7 Water Zinc Sulfate
          About us

        Shandong Bio Industry Co.,Ltd. Is a large private enterprise which research the zinc industry for many years. We always stick to principal of “quality first” and managing idea that the lowest price for equivalent quality and the best quality for equivalent price.

        Our factory is an enterprise specializing in the production of zinc oxide and zinc borate, annual production more than 20000 tons of zinc borate, zinc borate is a kind of environmental protection of non halogen flame retardant, according to different composition (XZnO. YB2O3. ZH2O), ZB have a dozen varieties, our main produces are 3.5 and 7 water content of zinc borate flame retardants. Products are widely used in paper, fiber fabric, decorative board, floor leather, wallpaper, carpet, ceramic glaze, fungicide, coating production, to improve the flame retardant performance; Over 10000 tons of annual production of the indirect method zinc oxide ,  the products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pigment, rubber, paint, ceramics, magnetic materials, etc. The enterprise has passed ISO 9001:2000 international quality system, ISO14001 environmental system REACH registration and other certifications.

        After years of development, our company's production and sales of zinc borate have been all over the world . The domestic market is also all covered and the market share is very high.  Our company obtained the registration certificate of European Union REACH in 2016, and the sales volume in European market is very considerable.

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        Add: Jiaoqiao Industrial Park, Zhouping City, Shandong Province, China